Our goal is to make your day a little brighter, with the best coffee and the best baristas. Whether you’re stopping by for the first time, or making your daily trip, you’ll always be a regular!

Stop by and take a break from your day with a great cup of coffee, brewed just the way you like. We have several locations to serve you!

Explore our menu that is filled with great drinks, tasty pastries, and delicious sandwiches. Join us for breakfast lunch, and dinner!

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Espresso Beverages

  • Espresso

    Single, Double or Triple shot
  • Americano

    Espresso shots & hot water
  • Cappuccino

    Equal parts espresso, steamed milk & foam
  • Caffe Latte

    Espresso, steamed milk, & foam
  • Vanilla Latte

    Cafe Latte with vanilla
  • Caffe Mocha

    Espresso, steamed milk, chocolate, topped with whipped cream
  • White Chocolate Mocha

    Espresso, steamed milk, white chocolate, topped with whipped cream
  • Caramel Macchiato

    Layered drink with vanilla, steamed milk, espresso, foam & caramel drizzle

Signature Beverages

  • Browning

    Hot chocolate
  • Longfellow

    Hot, Mighty Leaf tea
  • Byron (Chai Latte)

    Tea, special blend of spices, steamed milk
  • Poe

    Espresso, steamed milk, dark chocolate, raspberry, topped with whipped cream
  • Milton

    Espresso, steamed milk, chocolate, caramel, topped with whipped cream
  • Shakespeare

    Espresso, steamed milk, chocolate, hazelnut, topped with whipped cream