Owners, Scott and Michelle Richardson, began their journey together back in 1993. Scott, with his father owning a restaurant in Tuscaloosa, was already entrenched with the restaurant, entrepreneur spirit. It was a family operated business called The Plantation. Scott knew that the reality of owning and running a restaurant was long hours and very little time off. So, he delayed his dream until his children were a little older so that he could coach soccer, attend their games, be home for family dinners etc.

In the Spring of 2009, the original owners opened the doors and saw great success. They sold to another wonderful Christian couple who took the coffee shop to better and greater heights. They changed the look some and partnered with The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company who became the exclusive supplier. With all the changes Scott became more excited because he felt the business had a tremendous opportunity to impact the Pace community. Scott started frequenting the shop and wanted to support the business. He loved the service it was starting to provide to the community and really enjoyed seeing bible studies and other various meetings/events the shop was starting to host. Scott and Michelle both loved the atmosphere, the Christian music playing in the background and of course, the amazing coffee and lattes!

In the summer of 2009,  Scott learned that the owner was thinking about closing and mentioned the idea of of purchasing the business to Michelle. After the owner tried to make another run, Scott was informed that the doors would close by December of 2009. Scott again proposed the idea of purchasing the business and through prayer and seeking God’s will, the Richardsons opened the doors on December 12, 2009 as the new owners of Coffee Break Cafe/Drowsy Poet in Pace.

Since Scott was working full-time as a pharmaceutical rep and Michelle had management experience, it was decided that Michelle would run the coffee shop with hope and prayers that one day Scott would be able to run the shop full time. The business grew tremendously as they saw the blessings of God through their family and through the community of Pace. Scott and Michelle have been able to provide a great place for bible studies, group meetings, study sessions, live music, and so much more. In January of 2015, the opportunity to expand and open another location at Pensacola State College’s main campus presented and the Richardson’s grabbed a hold. Then in the Spring of 2016, the Richardsons were blessed with the opportunity to open another location inside West Florida Hospital. After 6 years, 4 locations, sacrifice, patience, waiting and loads or prayer, Scott and Michelle took a leap of faith, and Scott resigned from his pharmaceutical position to lead and run the coffee shop full-time. With faith and a growing community around them, the Richardsons were able to move to a great location that provides more space with the same great atmosphere to serve exceptional coffee and service.

We have been so amazingly blessed along the way with wonderful new friendships, exceptional employees and seeing what God can do if you just follow His will in His timing. We endured many trials throughout the many years; but, we are so grateful for the opportunity that God has given us and for each other! We welcome you to our shop and look forward to meeting and serving the Pace, Pensacola, and Milton communities! -Scott & Michelle Richardson